Rawfood walkabout in Spanien

17.01.2018 14:39

Meenhard Fokken bietet wieder einen Rawfood Walkabout in Andalusien / Spanien an:


Let's walk with very little things through nice nature!

07 - approx. 12 Feb, 2018, in South Spain ★ Some weeks ago a German brother wrote me: He is in the winter time here in South Spain and wants to walk with me some days. We were looking for a beautiful area close the coast because of the mild clima. Our decision: Cabo de Gata, east of Almería, "Andalucia's largest coastal protected area, a wild and isolated landscape with some of Europe's most original geological features" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabo_de_Gata-Níjar_Natural_Park). 

Meeting point: You can come until Wednesday 07 Febr 10am to my land close to Nerja (please write me). It is possible to come a few days earlier and help in my garden. Alternatively we can meet at the main bus station of Almería at the bus which goes at 4:30 pm (07 Febr) to las Salinas Almadraba de Monteleva.

Our trail: We'll follow mostly the marked hiking trail GR-92 along the coast:
• Salimas de Monteleva
• ‎San Jose
• ‎La Isleta de Moro
• ‎Rodalquilar
• ‎Las Negras
• ‎Agua Amarga
• ‎Maybe Carboneras

From any of this villages there are at least 1 bus per day going back to Almería. Between Las Negras and Agua Amarga we'll pass also the beach San Pedro which is wellknown in the alternative scene. A few times we intend doing side-trips into the mountains.

Costs: gratis, but we need to buy bus tickets and some food.

Things to bring: as little as possible! What we need is proper protection from sun and rain, a sleeping bag (temperature rating minimum -3 Degree Celsius at night) and isolation mat​, a sun hat, a little bit fitness, love and peace. Water and food we'll buy in the villages, at least one time a day, first time in the evening of 08 Febr. I can sell you a new poncho tarp of 280g which protects you from rain in day and night for 14€.

Please don't bring bought flakes (they're heated), nor bread, cakes, other heated food, tabac, drugs, big books... Please bring only things which are light and absolutely necessary. For more info look at Equipment

More info: Walkabout-info

Blog: https://rainbowrawfood.blogspot.com.es

Email: rawfood@rainbowinfo.de